They say that a band is only as good as their sound-man.

Well, we stage-bound johnnies would beg to differ, but we will accept we’d be a lot quieter without our man on the knobs, Andy Moores.


Andy has been working sound and lighting for many years, and we’re lucky to have his knowledge, experience, and patience behind the desk.

Andy’s a quiet, unassuming chap, who says he doesn’t want accolades, praise or glory. No – a large glass of white wine is enough, so if you see him at a gig and you’re near the bar…


There exists a place in space and time...  a place where original bands can’t make it...  and DJs just can’t cut it..  however in this space dwells an experience like no other.


Where an experience so sublime reigns supreme.


Here dwells Riser!

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