Our band is fronted by the talented Lee Davids, on vocals and guitar.
Lee has a big voice and a sense of humour to match. He never fails to fully engage with the audience.

Lee’s been playing and gigging for almost three decades, both solo and as part of various bands. With a diverse mix of tastes and styles,  his love of music and performing shines through whenever he’s on stage.

Lee favours his 1976 Fender Telecaster for the loud stuff, and a combination of Takamine, and Lag acoustic guitars for the softer stuff.

Lee also has a page for his solo acoustic gigs - check it out at  http://www.facebook.com/leedavidslive.


There exists a place in space and time...  a place where original bands can’t make it...  and DJs just can’t cut it..  however in this space dwells an experience like no other.


Where an experience so sublime reigns supreme.


Here dwells Riser!

© 2020 by RISER

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