David Cox is a chap of hidden depths.


His love of live music, his attention to detail in getting the sound just right, and his knowledge of what we should adopt as band anthems inspires us all to greater heights.


His guitar solos always draw admiring glances from audiences and fellow guitarists, thanks to his many years working the pub and club circuit with Riser and other bands.

Add to this his impressive backing vocals, and it’s clear that David is a key member of Riser.

David plays his beloved Paul Reed Smith, Washburn WG500, Godwin SD, Boss GT-6, and a Peavey keyboard switch….


There exists a place in space and time...  a place where original bands can’t make it...  and DJs just can’t cut it..  however in this space dwells an experience like no other.


Where an experience so sublime reigns supreme.


Here dwells Riser!

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