Recent Gigs...

Well it's fabulous to be back playing after so much time shut in our homes!

Here's a bit of info on our recent gigs...

Victoria Arms
17 September '21

An excellent night back at our favourite pub! Playing out in the garden made a change, but the crowd was rocking, the dancing was excellent, and even though we felt that we were rusty as anything, it was so good to have an audience in front of us and make some proper noise after so long!

Wedding: Sulgrave Manor, Oxon
23 Oct '21

We got our glad rags and posh shirts on for this one, in some wonderful surroudings. 

We stepped it up with a few new tracks, and everything went superbly! The happy couple were delighted, the rest of the guests danced long after the bride and groom departed, and everyone had a fabulous time!

Birthday Party: Binfield FC
13 Nov '21

We had a great time with a very happy and energetic crowd! Whenever you play, having people dancing from the first song to the last is always brilliant.

We always say that audiences get the gig they deserve (that and "the more you drink, the better we sound!") and this lot deserved - and got - a storming night of music!